We have loved board games ever since we were kids.

We grew up with tabletop games and we had a vision to make our own. It began seven years ago, when we had a vision for a board game that would attempt to be unique and different from the many others that we had played. It would include many of the features that similar game types had but would incorporate a combination of mechanics not seen in many other board games. We imagined a game with a rich backstory, one that would stir the imagination for game play. We also wanted to create a game that would be sophisticated and challenging enough for seasoned board gamers yet enable those new to the RPG-style gaming experience to enjoy it as well.

So developed our flagship game, Wolf 1061. The hard work of our developers has produced a game that is not only engaging and fun but has been created with many sequels and expansions in mind. The members of the design team each brought talents to the table that proved the adage, “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” Our developers are always looking to the future when designing in the present. Not only do we have vision for future expansions of Wolf 1061, but many other projects that will be just as fun and engaging. We strive to bring you the best in board gaming and are very interested in your experience with our games. Extensive testing goes into our work so that we can create games that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Our vision is to provide you with the most entertaining and engaging games that we can. Our hope is that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Scout – Artwork by Achnisra