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Episode 7 – “Down, But Not Out”

With great sadness, we have decided to postpone the launch of our WOLF 1061 game.  We have worked fervently on this game for over three years, and much has changed in that time, as you know. World events over that time have not been kind to us.  By our calculations, the costs involved with shipping, […]

Episode 6 – “But Wait… There’s More!”

As mentioned in prior newsletters, the Beta 2 test kits were supposed to be distributed in May. Scott recently changed employment, which caused delays as he settled into his new job. He also had to set up a new computer system and transfer all the stuff needed to work on the game. Also, in  discussions […]

Episode 5 – “Moving Right Along…”

Work continues on changes to the Game that were discussed in our last newsletter. Even though we haven’t entered round #2 of closed beta testing, the staff has not stopped their internal testing of the Game. We are continually looking at the most minute details regarding game mechanics, instructional syntax and grammar, etc. Some of […]

Episode 4 – “More Testing Required”

After all the initial testing by the development team was completed internally, It was now time to get other testers involved. Now it was time to make kits and distribute them to those who could test the game and report back to us their experiences. Testers ranged from experienced board gamers to people who never […]

Episode 3 – “Everything takes longer than it takes”

Game design does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to bring a plan to fruition. As mentioned before, the concept for this game was conceived seven years ago, and much hard work took place between now and then to bring it to pass. The last year and a half have been […]

Episode 2 – “A shout goes out to… “

Even though Scott had a solid concept for the game, he knew he would need help in making the dream a reality. As explained in Episode 1, the last few years have been the most intense in creating the reality of a working game. The members of the design team each brought talents to the […]

Episode 1 – “In the beginning…”

It began seven years ago, when Scott had a vision for a board game that would be unique and different from the many others that he had played. It would include many of the features that similar game types had, but would incorporate a combination of mechanics not seen in many other board games.  Scott’s […]