Episode 1 – “In the beginning…”

It began seven years ago, when Scott had a vision for a board game that would be unique and different from the many others that he had played. It would include many of the features that similar game types had, but would incorporate a combination of mechanics not seen in many other board games. 

Scott’s background in artistry prepared him for this journey. He has had so many different careers: comic books, film and television, and many others. His obsession to detail drives him to do any project he tackles to the highest degree of perfection.

He had always been an avid electronic gamer, mastering many popular games, but became even more interested in board games, specifically RPG style. This led to his imagining a sci-fi styled board game that would be built around an entire world of his creation. And so the journey began…

His vision for his game began to become reality about four years ago when he teamed up with Rick, as well as relied on others to begin to solidify game concepts into actual elements and rules. The process began with many ideas for the game which, at the time, didn’t even have a name yet. Many changes occurred over that time. Even with a vision for the game that Scott had, it was still a long and tedious process to discern what was going to work, and what needed to be weeded out and simplified (we will discuss this further in later episodes).

It was actually the last couple of years that the actual game design became much more focused and intense. In addition to Rick, Yabureru was added to the team. Much discussion took place as to how all the elements of the game would come together and be incorporated into actual game play. Several fundamentals steered our path as we developed the game play, going through many testings of game elements, seeing which would work and which would not.

Although game play was certainly important, it was also important to have a proper backstory that would drive the game. This was something, through Scott’s imagination, that would bring a richness to and actually become an integral part of the game. The intricacies of the characters, along with their story, makes this game truly unique. 

In the next episode, we share the backgrounds of the key developers and their contributions to the game.

Tendrill Concept – Artwork by Scott

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