Episode 2 – “A shout goes out to… “

Even though Scott had a solid concept for the game, he knew he would need help in making the dream a reality. As explained in Episode 1, the last few years have been the most intense in creating the reality of a working game.

The members of the design team each brought talents to the table that proved the old adage, “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” Scott, as we mentioned before, is the primary game creator and designer. Scott has decades of experience in artistic work, including but not limited to drawing, sculpting, special effects, digital artistic design and animation. He is the chief originator of the look, feel, and mechanics of the board game. Scott also originated all of the artwork for the game, including characters, board graphics, card graphics, etc.

Rick is an assistant game designer and editor. Rick is a retired Civil Engineer who worked two years for a mechanical engineering firm and over 30 years as Assistant Engineer for a local municipality. He has extensive experience in design and implementation of complex public works projects, as well as DBMS programming and implementation for Public Works operations. His knowledge of document writing, rules and regulations, as well as logical processes, helped keep Scott’s imagination under control and helped to guide game theory into game reality. Rick helped conceptually with spreadsheets to track backstory timelines and enemy faction relationships, as well as keyword capitalization and glossary definitions for the rule book. Rick also created the concept of using health-status rings attached directly to the Enemy standee bases to keep track of their health points (one of many unique game design features). He also designed and 3D printed prototypes of the standees to use for the beta testing, as well as designed and 3D printed the dashboards for the game, based upon Scott’s concepts. The name of the game as well as the company name and initial logo design (later enhanced by Scott) were Rick’s creation.

Yabureru is an assistant game designer, prototype manufacturer, chief game promoter and tester. Yabureru’s extensive career as a licensed electrician gives him a unique attention to detail in process and logical deduction, and probabilities and statistics for the game. He has had much experience with RPG-type games, and is an avid enthusiast of them, traveling to many gaming conventions on a regular basis. As an experienced RPG gamer, He has developed very significant aspects of the game play, including the use of special scoring dice for assaulting and evading characters. He was instrumental in coming up with much of the game logic, as well as numerous other concepts, too numerous to mention, that became incorporated into the game and the rule book. Yabureru also has been involved in both 2D and 3D printing of numerous parts for the game, providing the production of the materials needed for the testing kits, including boards, cards, rule books, and mission sheets. 

Eric is an avid board gamer, and an excellent writer. With help from Scott and the team, he wrote the majority of the game’s backstory, essential to the logic and flow of the storyline missions. His work on the backstory is so good, it could be turned into a novel, or at least a comic book! An important aspect of the game is the unfolding story as the game is played. Gamers will be richly rewarded, who play the game in the progression it was meant to be played, as the story unfolds upon successful completion of each mission.

Acknowledgements are in order for the many others who helped with the development of the game that are not part of the “official” team. A shout out to Matt, who attended many meetings when the game was initially being developed. To Tim, a well rounded and accomplished board gamer, who helped with comments and actual game testing. To Josh, who participated in game testing and helped guide us with the business-end of things, and to Eric who wrote and refined much of the backstory for the game. A shout-out also to all those beta testers, whose invaluable input helped bring the game to perfection.

In the next episode, we will share some of the processes we went through to get to the place we are today with the game.

Bloodvine Concept – Artwork by Scott

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