Episode 4 – “More Testing Required”

After all the initial testing by the development team was completed internally, It was now time to get other testers involved. Now it was time to make kits and distribute them to those who could test the game and report back to us their experiences. Testers ranged from experienced board gamers to people who never really played a lot of games – this gave us the diversity we needed to properly ascertain what things needed to be changed.

A Discord Site was set up and Closed Beta Testing began from November 2021 to January 2022. A lot of great comments were received by the game testers. Because of their valuable comments, several changes are being made to the game to make it more streamlined and even more entertaining to play.

Some of the changes include:

  • Enemy Faction cards needed to be simplified, making them easier to read and understand.
  • Simplifying the Rules , removing things that are not vital to game play. Condense rules as much as possible, making sections less wordy by eliminating redundancies.
  • Modify weapons and equipment to give more damage, increasing damage by melee weapons, making them more relevant.
  • Eliminating certain zones to speed up a character’s movement.
  • Simplifying combat rules thereby streamlining game play, making it less complicated.
  • Reduction of the different types of Tokens needed to play the game.
  • All Effects Tokens will now only affect Players and not Enemies.
  • Vast majority of cards will change, giving more detail on the cards. Text for card stats will be replaced with graphic icons, making the cards more readable, as well as creating a uniform standard across the different card types.
  • Missions needed several revisions to try to stay around 35 to 45 minutes of gameplay.

Once the changes have been applied to the Test Kits, we will be sending them out for the second round of Closed Beta Testing. This second Beta Test will be very important, since it will be complete, containing all the Missions that will be included in the core game, as well as all the revisions mentioned above. So check back to see how phase two of testing is progressing.

The Thing Concept – Artwork by Scott

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