Episode 5 – “Moving Right Along…”

Work continues on changes to the Game that were discussed in our last newsletter. Even though we haven’t entered round #2 of closed beta testing, the staff has not stopped their internal testing of the Game. We are continually looking at the most minute details regarding game mechanics, instructional syntax and grammar, etc. Some of the things we continue to work on:

  • Completion of the Missions – we are nearing completion of the additional missions necessary to complete the core game. The second round of beta testing will include all the missions that will be in the core game that is finally released.
  • Rules and Missions language – we continue to refine the grammar and composition of the Rules and Missions to make them more readable and understandable.
  • Cards – Most of the cards for the Game are getting updated. Many Equipment cards are being updated with revised values, based on prior testing. We are also looking at the verbiage on some of the cards to ensure maximum legibility with the fewest words possible. 
  • Artwork – Work continues on completing all the artwork for the Game. Much of it has been completed (some of it you enjoy on these web pages!), but there is more to complete. We hope to complete all the artwork for the Game in the next few months.
  • Colors for the Game Tokens have now been finalized. A lot of effort has gone into this, making the colors appealing and easy to read and differentiate easily when playing the Game. Missions are also being updated to reflect the new Token designs.
  • All the Missions for the game have been tested for game mechanics and have passed. Final cleanups are being made to the Rules, Missions, and Cards, and should be completed by next week. A final check of these items for typos or other errors will be made before sending everything out for printing. 
  • A lot of work still needs to be done, including printing and assembling the update of the beta testing kits for round #2.

We are close to kicking off our second round of closed beta testing (Beta Test #2). As mentioned in our last newsletter, the Beta Test #2 will be very important, since it will be complete, containing all the Missions that will be included in the core game, as well as all the revisions mentioned above.  All beta testing kits will be updated with the new materials and testing will start some time in March. We anticipate a 4 month testing period of Beta Test #2, and will keep you updated on how the second round of tests are working. We hope to have the kits reworked for Beta Test #2 and delivered to testers by early May.

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