Episode 6 – “But Wait… There’s More!”

As mentioned in prior newsletters, the Beta 2 test kits were supposed to be distributed in May. Scott recently changed employment, which caused delays as he settled into his new job. He also had to set up a new computer system and transfer all the stuff needed to work on the game. Also, in  discussions we had previously before Scott’s job changes, the team decided to delay testing to further improve the Game. We have added over 30 additional unique cards to the game. This will enhance players’ customization options and also help make the game more challenging, especially for players who like to configure their own decks. 

In addition to adding several new cards, we continue to look for ways to streamline and enhance the game, adjusting the Rules, card language, Abilities, etc., always focusing on maximizing the enjoyment of game play. We also are considering the inclusion of several features that were going to be reserved for expansions, but decided to include these with the Core Game release.

Artwork continues to be developed for Characters and Equipment. Final artwork for the Characters is well on its way to completion. Work remains to develop the final artwork for Equipment and Card graphics.

All the materials necessary for the creation of the Beta 2 kits have gone to the printers. After several dealing with some technical difficulties with the printers we have received the materials. The Beta 2 kits have started going out to the testers and will continue to go out over the next 2 weeks.

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