Episode 8 – “Battleground of the Eons”

Great news! We are well on our way in developing our new game, Battleground of the Eons. This will be an exciting, fast-paced, 2 to 4 player game (with the possibility of up to 6 players) that will be a battle of wits and strategy against other players or teams. The nature of the game will challenge players with a myriad of choices when choosing characters, composing decks, and taking action on the playing field.

We are well on our way in our development of the game. Most of the game mechanics and components have been created, and we have completed several in-house testing sessions to refine the rules. We will continue to refine the game rules, looking for any “loopholes” that may remain. Artwork is nearing completion for the game which, other than testing, is a major task.

The Testing kits have been completed and we are hoping to have them to the testers within the next few weeks. Beta testing will be done, just as we did for Wolf 1061. The length of the beta testing will be determined by the feedback we receive. We anticipate that the beta testing will be a maximum of three months, but we hope to complete it in about 2 months, if all goes well.

Like we outlined in Episode #3 for Wolf 1061, we will adhere to some basic concepts for the design of the game:

  • A glossary will be included in the game rules for the players’ reference.
  • The rules are the rules – We determined, from the very beginning, that, even though rules may be added to accommodate future game expansions, the core game rules would not change, and would be relevant in any future expansions of the game. If the launch of the core game is successful, rest assured that any game expansions that may follow will not require the core game rules to be altered.
  • A quick reference sheet on the major aspects of game play will be included.
  • Optional game rules may be included that will make the game play as challenging as anything experienced gamers would desire. 
  • The game play would be easily understood by a 12 year old, but entertaining and challenging for any hard-core adult gamer.

We are very excited to be developing this game, and will keep you informed as we go through the beta testing process. Please check this website periodically for updates on game development.

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